PROJEcT Support from A to Z

Evonta-Technology GmbH supports you as a full-service provider and accompanies you on all project levels from the idea to the final solution. Whether with innovative testing and diagnostic procedures, product treatment technologies or other special applications – our engineers develop and automate suitable solutions for your industry.

Our scope of services

Example: Volume inspection systems

Our high-resolution volume inspection systems, based on Optical Coherence Tomography enable contact-free testing of biological and technical samples. Despite the comparatively small standard measuring field of approx. 10 mm x 10 mm, almost any measuring task can be realized with the help of our flexible software in combination with motorized traversing axes. Measurements under clean room conditions are also possible.

Example: Trade fair demonstrators

The trade fair demonstrator “In-Ovo Sex Determination”, which was developed within the framework of the federal project of the same name, clearly shows the necessary technical steps for spectroscopic sex determination in chicken eggs. Other demonstrators have been developed and set up, for example, to prove the principle of the precise, waterless cooking of eggs.